Why do Food Production and Packaging owners fall into the Seductive trap of installing a separate WMS

  • Why should operations and finance be days or weeks apart?
  • Why should this practice be acceptable?

Operations & Finance can now be on the same page in real time, not a few days or weeks or even months apart.


A WMS doesn’t allocate financials, it manages the warehouse.

QuickBooks doesn’t manage the warehouse.


But companies have been accepting this separation process as the standard. 

Companies are too tempted to adopt a WMS with hope that it somehow magically talks to the Financial system. But it never does, accurately and in real time. They end up spending insane amount of time trying to keep the two systems in sync.

Your business is too important to fall into this trap, when you need to move fast, accurately and have complete: VISIBILITY!


Most companies are always playing catch up. Month after month, Quarter after quarter.

Closing out books shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

How about being able to attribute freight costs down to a specific item within an Item and Lot?

  • Let’s not forget that multiple systems that don’t “speak” to each other, manual processes and human error, cause major financial whoas within companies today.
  • Let’s not forget about gross margins. How many companies today cannot and don’t even realize they are not able to manage & adjust gross margins within a PO per item, because of their use of Quickbooks or legacy ERPs cannot do this for them.

Quickbooks & systems like Sage are great when first starting your business. But with the limitations they have, it’s time to graduate to the next level of your growing company. It’s not a matter of IF you out grow them, it’s a matter of WHEN.


The process of working smarter & not harder is not something spoke of in the ERP world, because there are so many acceptable “old” ways of doing things. It’s because that’s how these systems have been built.

(And let’s not talk about the long & complicated (and costly) implementation process)

Why go through all that, when you could solve ALL these problems, issues and worries within a few weeks of getting started, at an affordable price? And better yet, with no interruption to your day to day?

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