Tactical Intelligence for Procurement Planning in Food Packaging Food Manufacturing

Power Central’s On-Time-Delivery Tactical Intelligence Reports provides real time actionable intelligence for day-to-day Procurement Operations

Companies implement ERP systems to streamline their day-to-day operations and increase profitability while balancing their cash flow. However, here are the key challenges that stand in the way:

  1. Extended times (4-6 months) implementing the ERP and disruptions to day-to-day operations.
  2. Lack of Tactical Business Intelligence to help their Production, Procurement and Order management staff to optimize their day-to-day mission critical operations.
  3. Lack of Strategic Business Intelligence to help with longer term Profitability and Cash Flow positions.

In most cases, we observed that ERP solution providers do not provide actionable Business Intelligence, either Tactical or Strategic. You are left to rely on the rudimentary built-in reports baked into the ERP system. For example, built in inventory report in the ERP may provide the status of current inventory, but it doesn’t have the capability to analyze all the outstanding orders and recommend how much to order or produce based on priority that matters to your business.

 It takes an additional 4-6 months for most ERP and Business Intelligence providers after the initial ERP implementation to get to mission critical reports, with an additional $250-300K in additional costs.

 At Power Central, we deploy our On-Time-Delivery Tactical Business Intelligence reports with Power BI right along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP rapidly in under just 8 weeks. We understand that a deeply committed workforce is essential to utilizing the ERP system effectively, provide accurate data, that is essential for any trustworthy intelligence. We realize that unless we make the day-to-life of the Procurement and Production manager better, the Sales team cannot deliver a delightful experience to the Customer. And long-term strategy matters little when the customer isn’t happy.

In this video, we go over how we helped our Food Packaging customer, Pack’n Fresh increase their On-Time-Delivery from 88% to well over 99% while keeping their operations compliant with FSMA regulations, winning them a grade of “Excellence” in their most recent SQF audit with Tactical Business Intelligence for Procurement Planning.

About Power Central

Experience in tackling Food Manufacturing industry’s most complex problems led the Power Central leadership team to collaborate on creating an affordable, holistic solution for Small-Midsize operations.

We landed on a superior holistic solution that’s achievable in a short period of time. The Intelligence driven Power Central ERP system addresses:

  • End-to-End Traceability for FDA, FSMA, SQF
  • Product Cost & Profitability
  • Actionable Insights on Cash-Flows, Demand and Resource Planning.

Our leadership team is the right blend of technological, Process and Domain expertise to stabilize, scale and grow your Food Packaging Business through advisory, implementation, training and support.

About the Author

Vish is President & CTO at Power Central. He is a Senior Analytics leader with proven track record of applying Data, Artificial and Business Intelligence techniques to generate tangible and measurable ROI in Business. While working as a Data Scientist, he observed how the gaps between the ERP systems that generate the data, and the Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse/Stores that are used to analyze the data prevented businesses from achieving desirable business outcomes. He co-founded Power Central with the objective to provide vertically integrated ERP and Intelligence system for Food Packaging and Manufacturing.

 Vish holds a Masters Degree in The University of Texas at Dallas and brings over two decades of global experience in Software and AI in companies that include AT&T and Texas Instruments.

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