Maximizing Profit while Balancing Cash Flows in Hyper-Growth Mode

Power Central’s Profitability, Inventory and Cash Flow Strategic reports enabled the leadership team at Pack’n Fresh to raise capital when it mattered most.

We spend tremendous amounts of energy in building up the Manufacturing facility, getting FSMA/SQF compliance certifications, hiring critical human resources… and then we wait…in agony – as the deafening silence of prospects haunts us – for customers to show up at our doorstep. We dream of a day when we’re so busy taking orders we can barely keep up. 

And finally, with grit, prayers, strategy and a tad bit of luck, it happens. But when it does, the next wave of challenges begin. 

As our customer, Pack’n Fresh experienced tremendous growth during the pandemic, they began to run out of one their most critical resource – CASH. 

In this 2-part series, we first explain how we, at Power Central helped Pack’n Fresh  

  1. Increase Profitability by 80% on their high-volume products. 
  2. While balancing Cash Flow with better predictive forecasts, and
  3. Help raise Capital when it mattered most.

using Power BI and Azure Machine Learning Service on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Power Central’s Profitability, Inventory and Cash Flow Strategic reports provided the CEO and leadership team to gain real time visibility into their Profits and Cash Flow

Our ability to give the right interactive Intelligence to the CEO of Pack’n Fresh, so that he could communicate effectively with Investors in real time, was critical in achieving this success.

In the next video in this series, we explain how Order-to-Cash process works in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, specifically for a Food Manufacturing or Food Production company. Understanding the data that this process workflow generates is essential for the Intelligence to be effective.

Stay tuned.

About Power Central 

Experience in tackling Food Manufacturing industry’s most complex problems led the Power Central leadership team to collaborate on creating an affordable, holistic solution for Small-Midsize operations.

We landed on a superior holistic solution that’s achievable in a short period of time at NO RISK to our customers. The Intelligence driven Power Central ERP system addresses:
– End-to-End Traceability for FDA, FSMA, SQF
– Product Cost & Profitability
– Actionable Insights on Cash-Flows, Demand and Resource Planning.

Our leadership team is the right blend of technological, Process and Domain expertise to stabilize, scale and grow your Food Packaging Business through advisory, implementation, training and support.

About the Author 

Vish is President & CTO at Power Central. He is a Senior Analytics leader with proven track record of applying Data, Artificial and Business Intelligence techniques to generate tangible and measurable ROI in Business. While working as a Data Scientist, he observed how the gaps between the ERP systems that generate the data, and the Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse/Stores that are used to analyze the data prevented businesses from achieving desirable business outcomes. He co-founded Power Central with the objective to provide vertically integrated ERP and Intelligence system for Food Packaging and Manufacturing.

Vish holds a Masters Degree in The University of Texas at Dallas and brings over two decades of global experience in Software and AI in companies that include AT&T and Texas Instruments.

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